February 16 – March 24, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 16, 6-9pm

Curated by Erika Ranee

Visage (miscreant), 2018 | marker graphite on watercolor paper | 24 x 22 inches


City Nature: Derrick AdamsAla DehghanOmari DouglinScott GrodeskyKyung MeNick Naber and Ezra Wube.

Country Nature: LaKela BrownSedrick ChisomDamien DavisNick PayneChristian RogersKiki Smith and Adrienne Elise Tarver.

Tiger Strikes Asteroid is pleased to present Human-Nature, curated by Erika Ranee.

The seemingly divergent worlds of country and city often converge in the ways these artists examine their environments. Nature is present in several iterations: as unnatural and industrialized, yet possessing a strange beauty; as lush framework for sinister or exuberant moments, or as rich source material for careful observation. The hyphen in the exhibition title ties together two elements as one, creating another type of nature—one that is inventive. Each artist in this show utilizes human-nature in some way. They are adaptable and intrepid and are capable of creating unique moments and visions from natural and manufactured surroundings.

Fourteen artists were selected in an even split for comparison and contemplation: seven representing work influenced by flora, fauna and other organisms in varying degrees of luxuriance or stasis; and seven artists inspired by the city and the myriad treasures revealed within an urban existence. Finding the beauty and the grotesque in either environment requires steady, consummate focus and imagination. We anticipate gritty congested images of the city, but a serene watery street scene emerges through a timeline of communication and sets a different tone. We anticipate sweet bucolic renditions of natural wilderness settings, but the stillness of a fawn might be the gravitas at its core. Expect the unexpected and relish the work for what it tells us.


UNTITLED Art, Miami Beach | December 5-9

Please visit us at our booth #A48 at UNTITLED, Miami Beach, Dec 5-9th, 2018.

Our participation in UNTITLED demonstrates our commitment to alumni and celebrates the launch of Pratt Institute Editions (PIE). All proceeds from artwork sales will be shared equally between the artists and a new Fine Arts MFA scholarship fund!

Alumni participants: Derrick Adams, Emily Auchincloss, Polina Barskaya, Brice Brown, Sean Carroll, Ahmet Civelek, Lisa Corinne Davis, Matthew Deleget, Eric Diehl, Nick Fusaro, Jeff Gabel, Heather Garland, Allen Glatter, Clare Grill, Karen Heagle, Will Hutnick, Tony Ingrisano, Fay Ku, Dean Levin, Susan Luss, Scott Malbaurn, Robert Mapplethorpe, Heather McKenna, Cristina de Miguel, Rebecca Morgan, Nicole Mourino, Nick Naber, Jodie Niss, John O’ Connor, Anthony Palocci, Sharmistha Ray, Nicole Reber, Duke Riley, Hiba Schahbaz, Jen Shepard, Polly Shindler, Anna Sörenson, Swoon, Mickalene Thomas, Erin Welsh, Deborah Willis, Robert Wilson.

Works have been selected by our two alumni curators, Kelly Worman, and Caroline Taylor.

Pratt Institute Editions (PIE)

PIE is the publisher of Pratt Fine Arts Department’s edition multiples. PIE’s mission is to produce professional fine art multiples that connect our student community to a broader cultural context. Led by master printer Caitlin Riordan and printmaking faculty Grayson Cox, PIE is committed to fostering new and innovative collaborative relationships across generations and communities.

At UNTITLED we will exhibit works from two PIE projects:

X-Ghost: In printmaking, “ghost” refers to the faded (ghostly) image that appears when a matrix is passed through the print press for a second time. We invited four professional artists to participate, two external to our community; Angela Dufresne and Geoff Chadsey; and two MFA alumni; Lisa Sanditz MFA’10 and Kristyn Mckinney MFA ‘18. Over the course of three days, these four artists collaborated on a print series, responding to the marks/images made by each other. This collaboration was akin to an “exquisite corpse” project, with an etched plate serving as the matrix to which each artist contributes their own unique response. We are excited to share these prints at Miami!

Limited Editions: PIE’s inaugural limited edition print by Trudy Benson (MFA ‘10) is the first to be published by Pratt since The Pratt Graphics Center (founded in 1956) disbanded in 1986. Trudy Benson’s new print will be exhibited alongside two from The Pratt Graphics Center, by artists Lee Krasner and  Ray Johnson.

We hope to see you in Miami to celebrate our students and our alumni, and to raise scholarship funds for future Fine Arts MFA students!

Flat File: Year Six

I will have two drawings included in the Tiger Strikes Asteroid Flat File for 2019!

Exhibition dates:

November 30 – December 16, 2018

Opening reception is Friday November 30, 2018 6-9PM