A queer anthology of rage

I’m so happy to be included in this! It’s produced by Pilot Press out of London, you can purchase it directly from their website, or if you’re in New York City this weekend (Sept. 21 -23) you can buy one at the Printed Matter Art Book Fair at PS1 (table N29).


Continuum 2018: After 25 years

Celebrating Associate Professor Emerita Kay Knight’s 25 year of teaching

Wed. Sep 5  - Wed. Sep 19, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, Sep. 7, 2018, 5-7 pm
KSE Gallery  | Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri: 2-7PM/ Sat: 11-3PM

Kay Knight, Accumulations, 2012

Continuum 2018: After 25 years presents Associate Professor Emerita Kay Knight’s works covering broad range of materials, sizes and subject matter used throughout her twenty-five year of teaching at UWM, along with the selected Painting & Drawing alumni works. The Alumni included in the exhibition are only a few of many that have passed through her classes during that twenty-five years.

With this exhibition Knight wishes to express how much she has learned from all of her former students and hopes that she has passed on her love, knowledge and passion for the making of art.

Participating Artists:

Kay Knight
James Barany
Sean Bodley
Francesca Cozzone
Peter Gehrig
Nina Ghanbarzadeh
Regan Golden-McNerney
Chantala Kommanivanh
Nykoli Koslow
Matthew Warren Lee
Matthew Luther
Lindsay Marx
Nick Naber
Amy O’Neill
Deidre Prosen
Katie Ryan
Neil Subel
Ryan Woolgar
Lee Xiong
Koua Mai Yang (Kuab Maiv Yaj)


The New Non

Show dates: June 29 – July 1

Opening Reception: June 29, 7-10pm

Gallery Hours: June 30 and July 1, noon-6pm

NEW NON banner.jpg

Curated by Jonathan Sims

An exhibition dedicated to artists defining the contemporary paradigm of abstraction for their own ends. Each of these twelve artists transcend the formal elements associated with non-representational art to engage with complex concepts, themes, or narratives, and prove that abstraction has the capacity to address and amplify some of the most pressing issues facing artists today: technology, identity, natural phenomena, mathematics, place, politics, materiality, and more.

List of Artists

Jenn Grossman
Amber Heaton 
Alison Kudlow
Iris Kufert-Rivo
Glendalys Medina
Visakh Menon
Nick Naber
Charley Peters
Lily Sheng
Zoë Shulman
David B. Smith
Jayoung Yoon