Paul Brainard ROASTED

Paul Brainard: Roasted is a group exhibition celebrating an artist and curator who has impacted the careers and influenced the studio work of many of today’s most relevant contemporary artists. In the spirit of the Friars Club Roasts, each participating artist has made new work “roasting” Brainard with artwork paying tribute to or poking fun at him. All attendees at the opening will have a chance to “roast” Brainard with a toast sponsored by Peroni Italy. Doors open from 7pm to 9pm with a reception following after at Fig. 19.

Set to run through Armory Arts Week, Paul Brainard: ROASTED will feature over 30 artists from New York City, Los Angeles and Europe including Ron Amstutz, Michael Bevilacqua, Miriam Carothers, Michele Colomer, Carl D'Alvia, Daniel Davidson, Pia Dehne, Dawn Frasch, Rebecca Goyette, Duncan Hannah, Karen Heagle, Volker Hueller, Liz Insogna, Aaron Johnson, Irena Jurek, Erika Keck, Emily Noelle Lambert, Hayley McCulloch, Frank J Miles, Heather Joy Morgan, Nick Naber, Hyun Jin Alex Park, Kanishka Raja, Walter Robinson, Tom Sanford, Hazel Lee Santino, Samantha Keely Smith, Ulrike Theusner, Lane Twitchell, Frank Webster, Doug Young, Aaron Zimmerman.

Untitled (vanity), 2015

ebony pencil graphite on printmaking paper

30 x 22 inches