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Scorpio Rising
Curated by Carl D'Alvia, Alicia Gibson, Anthony Miler and Rachel Schmidhofer

Untitled (supremacy), 2018 | watercolor graphite on watercolor paper | 30 x 22 inches

Featuring works by: Rory Baron, Gina Beavers, Jesse Bransford, Jonathan Chapline, Carl D'Alvia, Austin English, Alicia Gibson, John Rodgers, Nick Irzyk, Haley Josephs, Becky Kinder, Brian Kokoska, Judith Linhares, Meg Lipke, Anna Mikhailovskaia, Anthony Miler, Nick Naber, Carl Ostendarp,  Rachel Schmidhofer, Michael Stamm

November 2 - 25
Opening Reception November 2, 7-9 PM

What happens when you get the work of 19 Scorpio artists in a room? As you might suspect, rather than finding one answer or specific commonality that weaves together or easily connects these distinct artists, the results are wild and manifold. In the conversations among the artists who organized the exhibition, a telling observation was made: Scorpios often reside in the dark, but tend to gravitate towards the light.

Needless to say, Scorpios are intense and complex and often misunderstood. And while fiercely independent, we also thrive on loyalty, friendship and community. I have often playfully asked myself why there are so many contemporary visual artists born under Scorpio (I too am one, and historically it also seems to be true).  It is no wonder then that the idea for this exhibition began when four Scorpio artists-- Carl D'Alvia, Alicia Gibson, Anthony Miler, and Rachel Schmidhofer—began riffing on their relationship to their shared astrological sign. Profound or playful? As it turns out, they know many other Scorpio-born artists…and (of course) the stars aligned, and the exhibition became a reality in November, at the height of Scorpio season. I invite you to unpack this complex exhibition and experience the reveal that is uniquely Scorpio.

-Andrew Rafacz

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