The New Non

Show dates: June 29 – July 1

Opening Reception: June 29, 7-10pm

Gallery Hours: June 30 and July 1, noon-6pm

NEW NON banner.jpg

Curated by Jonathan Sims

An exhibition dedicated to artists defining the contemporary paradigm of abstraction for their own ends. Each of these twelve artists transcend the formal elements associated with non-representational art to engage with complex concepts, themes, or narratives, and prove that abstraction has the capacity to address and amplify some of the most pressing issues facing artists today: technology, identity, natural phenomena, mathematics, place, politics, materiality, and more.

List of Artists

Jenn Grossman
Amber Heaton 
Alison Kudlow
Iris Kufert-Rivo
Glendalys Medina
Visakh Menon
Nick Naber
Charley Peters
Lily Sheng
Zoë Shulman
David B. Smith
Jayoung Yoon